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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs

VELUX® Skylights Bring the Outside In With Skylights
Nothing adds fullness and beauty to a room like natural sunlight. Whether it's for your bedroom, bathroom, or family room, a skylight expands the dimension of your living space and transforms a conventional room into an uplifting area with luxurious light, fresh air and life to any space.

Overview Features of VELUX® Skylights to Consider:

Skylights Offer More Daylight

  • Skylights provide up to two times the amount of day light as comparable size vertical windows

Skylights Have Built-in Privacy

  • With daylight from above you get natural light with out worrying about covering the windows for privacy Energy efficiency
  • VELUX® skylights meet the demanding 2010 ENERGYSTAR® requirements

Skylights Offer Better Living Spaces

  • Skylights transform dark spaces to open living environments

No Leaks with VELUX® Skylights

  • With both a product and installation warranty, VELUX® skylights protect homes from water infiltration

It's true that most people respond favorably to a living environment with plenty of light, especially in the winter months, when daylight is reduced and the sun's rays are less intense. Skylighting not only brings the outdoors inside, but can significantly improve your outlook! Skylights add a "warm factor" to a room and help to increase the value of your home. It's no wonder that rooms that have natural lighting with skylights are the place to be in a home, and are the most talked about feature when it comes to selling.

Seagate is proud to be a distributor of VELUX® skylights and blinds. For the past 60 years, VELUX® has been a world leader in roof windows and skylights. Their intense focus on quality, energy efficiency, and value go hand-in-hand with our personal mission to provide you with the best products and service available.

VELUX® Products to Consider - Click to Discover More Information:

As a world leader, VELUX® offers features like exterior heat control, weather tight flashing, comfort glazing and convenient control systems. They have a variety of skylight and roof window types to meet your specific needs and desires, regardless of roof material, roof pitch, construction method or ceiling type.

Call Seagate Roofing at (419) 536-0027 today to see just how easy it is to bring the beauty and freshness of the outside world into your home every day with VELUX® Skylights and other products - you'll see your home in a whole new light! View a special VELUX® video now!

VELUX® Product Information (Downloadable PDF Document):

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velux accessories
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Velux® Skylight
iPhone and Android Application

VELUX Skylight Planner

Would you like to visualize your home bathed in natural, beautiful sunlight? Now you can. With the new VELUX Skylight Planner, you can design your space with easy-to-use tools on the app. Once you've designed your space, a certified VELUX Skylight Specialist can make it a reality. To help you imagine the possibilities, this smart phone app can show you what a dramatic difference skylights make. If you want to open up a dark interior room or make a dramatic architectural statement, the VELUX Skylight Planner is the perfect tool for you. You can also share your ideas with friends and family. The sunlight is free and so is the app. So download it for your phone and let's get started!

View App at Android Market

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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs