The most important part of your home’s construction lies in its foundation. A classic home foundation consists of a poured concrete base and concrete footings.


If poured and constructed correctly, a home’s foundation should last for many years. However, shifts in the earth’s movement, excess soil movement, and water damage can cause a foundation to crumble, shift, or fail.

Without support from a solid foundation, your entire home can become less level or sturdy. You need to know the signs of a weakening foundation so you can have a foundation service company address your issues promptly. Here are three signs your home’s foundation needs repair.


Ill-Fitting Doors or Windows

As your foundation slips due to soil erosion or water damage, you may begin to notice your doors or windows failing to latch. Your doors may swing back open after you close them, or your windows may jam and refuse to close or close at awkward angles.

You may even notice one or more of your doors slanting at an angle when closed, causing you to readjust your doors to their frames. Call a foundation expert to examine your concrete slabs to make sure none of them are sinking and causing your issues with the fit of doors and windows.


Cracked Exterior Walls

If your home is made of brick, then you may notice large gaps in your brickwork or even huge cracks from the bottom of your home to your roof. If your home has concrete or classic wood design, you may not see damage in the walls right away, but watch your roof: as your foundation sinks, your roof may start to appear concave. It may sag or even lean to one side.

You may also notice more than cracks in your exterior foundation. In fact, if the damage is severe, you may see lines and peeling on your walls and ceilings. In your basement you may notice the cement walls or flooring crumbling or developing large cracks.


Leaking Basement

Your basement may begin leaking for no apparent reason if your foundation is failing. As your foundation sinks lower into the earth, water and moisture are more likely to creep into your basement or your crawlspace.

Water and moisture damage may not be apparent at first, but watch for weeping in your walls. Water can cause your basement walls to appear stained or even cause drips to form on them. This water can then leak onto the floor.

If foundation issues are causing your walls or floors to crack, are causing your roof or brickwork to warp, or are even causing your basement to leak, you need to get your home inspected by a professional foundation specialist right away. Foundation repairs can be costly upwards of $1,300 per pier. If you fix your foundation issues as soon as you notice problems, you may be able to limit the number of repairs needed and save money.

Your homeowners insurance may be willing to assist you in the costs of foundation damage repair, especially if the problem was caused by flooding. You will want to consult with your foundation repair specialist as well as your insurance agent to determine the cause of your home’s issues and to see whether you have coverage for repairs.

The right foundation repair expert can replace or repair piers and concrete slabs to make your home sound and sturdy again. If you suspect you have foundation problems, contact a specialist right away for an inspection.


Your home’s foundation is the most important part of your home’s construction. Allow our team at Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services to assist you in your foundation repair needs.