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When your roof fails, your entire home can be put at risk. Protect your home and keep your roof working well with professional maintenance. Whether you need to replace shingles after a storm or an entire roof after years of aging, wear and tear, contact Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services for complete roof replacement or roof repair services.

Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services has over 40 years of experience repairing and replacing roofs for both residential and commercial clients, which means that we have developed a reputation for excellent work and customer satisfaction. Trust us to take care of your roof at Seagate.

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New Roofing

When installing your new roof, Seagate ensures a clean, professional and comprehensive service. When necessary, we remove the old roof, cleaning up each day and using an appropriately-sized waste container. We keep our eye on weather patterns and ensure your home is “weather tight” during the entire project. We also inspect flashing and chimney flashing, and replace asphalt saturated felt and roof edges.

Roof Repairs

When it comes to roof repairs the team at Seagate IS the BEST! Our Roof Specialists can do a thorough roof inspection of your entire roofing system including deck inspection, venting, chimney, insulation, gutters, and shingle conditions – including an insulation analysis for lost heat/air in your roof. You Can Trust the Roof Experts at Seagate Roofing And Foundation Services with all of your local roof repair and roofing concerns!


Our gutter solutions block leaves, pine needles and other debris out of your gutters while allowing rainwater to flow into your gutters freely. This gutter system protects your home from the harmful effects of clogged gutters, built up of rainwater and insect infestation and is engineered to last a lifetime.

Roofing Services

Platinum Roof Promise

Owens Corning, a global leader in building materials and energy efficiency solutions for roofs and more extends to Platinum Roofing Contractors the ability to offer the System Advantage™ Platinum Limited Lifetime Warranty EXCLUSIVELY available only to Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors – like Seagate Roofing and Foundations. The Platinum Warranty provides the ability to offer an enhanced warranty which covers workmanship for up to 25 years in addition to the materials. This special warranty offering gives homeowners exceptional value when selecting Seagate Roofing and Foundations.

Making the Most of your Existing Roof

Although isolated damage may indicate an issue with your entire roof, many times it may mean that a limited repair will be sufficient to extend the life span of your roofing investment. Our professional team is here to help you identify the best option for you — not to try to upsell you on a service you don’t really need. When repairs are the right choice, we will provide the best solution at a fair price.

Roof Repair and Insulation Service