Foundation, Crawlspace, and Waterproofing

Foundation Services in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan

A foundation keeps the structure safe and sound throughout its life.

Are you noticing cracks in your foundation in the cement or brick, sagging floor joists, or cracking basement walls you need to call a foundation professional immediately to avoid further damage to your home or building.

Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services can help with our many foundation repair services and basement waterproofing options!

Come to the Foundation and Basement Pros at Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services in Toledo, Ohio. We’re always here to serve your emergency foundation issues.

Foundation Inspection Service

Foundation Repair – Structural Issues

Renew your basement with Seagate today and add new living space. Foundation cracks, water leaks, leaning chimney, bowed walls, crooked doors and dampness can be frightening, however most foundations are easily solved with waterproofing and gutter servicing. Only extreme foundation cases require excavation, foundation wall replacement, or structural piers added to make them sound again.

Moisture-Free Piece of Mind

Keeping your crawlspace or basement free of moisture is vital to the overall health and safety of your home and well being. Foundation professionals and recognized basement leak experts will tell you the only way to effectively prevent moisture and mold buildup in your basement and on your basement walls is with a basement waterproofing service or crawlspace encapsulation by the experts at Seagate.

Recognized Leak Experts in Toledo, Ohio

Seagate specialize in foundation issues, crawlspace and basement waterproofing in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Whether the foundation issue is interior, exterior or both – Seagate has foundation, basement and crawlspace solutions to bring peace of mind today and tomorrow. Don’t wait! If your basement walls are cracked, bowing or leaking water call the Leak Experts now.

Sinking Foundation Services

Sinking Foundations

Foundations are mostly under the ground, and problems may not be noticeable. However, look for these warnings signs:

  • Sagging floor joists
  • Musty smells in basement, crawlspace
  • Basement wall, ceiling and window seem cracks
  • Bowing walls and uneven floors
  • Crooked door frames, shearing drywall
  • Moisture or bugs in basement
  • Leaning chimney

Bowing Walls – Cracked Walls | Carbon Fiber Wall System Solution

The perfect basement solution for bowing walls and cracked walls today. The Carbon Fiber Basement Wall System is installed on the inside portion of the basement wall, making this basement solution less intrusive and less expensive than traditional basement wall methods.

The Carbon Fiber Basement Solution is light weight, easy-to-install, strong – 10x STRONGER than STEEL and non-corrosive, which eliminates the need for any basement wall maintenance.

Seagate specialize in foundation and basement crack repairs and structural strengthening, providing strong, efficient and innovative basement repair products like Carbon Fiber which are offer cost and labor effective basement repairs and strengthening solutions for residential and commercial basements.

Bowing Walls and Foundation Services
Sagging Floors and Foundation Services

Sagging Floors | Structural Support and Support Jack Solutions

Most floors can be fixed and permanently remedied inexpensively. Seagate can repair sagging floors with structural supports with minimal invasion and are a cost effective foundation solution in crawl spaces.

Crawlspace structural supports and support jacks are fully compatible with a crawlspace encapsulation system.

Avoid extreme foundation repairs and foundation solutions by getting a free inspection from Seagate Roofing And Foundation Services today. You can count on an in depth evaluation with the best crawlspace or foundation solution.

Basement Waterproofing Solution

Nothing is more frustrating is stepping into a puddle of water inside your home. Exterior basement waterproofing consists directing unwanted water away from your home.

When heavy rain falls, it runs off your roof and then to the nearest area. If you do not have good rain gutters, it will run off the roof and straight into the ground next to your foundation. The repeatedly soggy ground will expand and put pressure on your foundation. This foundation, in turn, will shift and crack. Then the groundwater will creep its way through the cracks and into your home. Sometimes you do not even need a crack for the water to seep in – concrete is porous by nature.

Basement waterproofing includes drain tile work and is the most invasive and expensive procedure, but it’s also the most effective. You can solve constant water problems and even damaged foundation problems with drain tile.

We begin by digging a deep trench around your home to the foundation’s base. We then install the drain tile at the base of the foundation. The drain tile will drain the groundwater away from your home and to the pit. Often times a sump pump will also be installed to further pump water away from the foundation.

Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Services
Foundation and Sump Pump Service

Safeguard a Basement From Flooding and Power Outages with a Sump Pump Basement Solution

Need more space but the basement seems ugly, musty and not the ideal place to plan your man cave or rec center? No worries…Some of these issues don’t scream foundation problems but should be addressed right away, such as bugs or moisture in the basement, or small cracks on the walls by the ceiling. However, to be sure your foundation has a problem call a professional for basement foundation repair as soon as you can so you can be on your way to building your dream space today – not tomorrow!. Plus, your foundation literally holds the rest of your house up, if you notice these signs it could be dangerous.

Keep Your Crawl Space Mold and Mildew-Free with a Crawl Space Encapsulation Solution

Encapsulation effectively removes moisture from your crawl space, prevent mold growth and make your home more energy efficient!

Our crawlspace encapsulation will seal your crawl space with a barrier traps water and sends it to your drainage system. In return, the crawl space will remain clean and dry and provide the best quality of air for your home and will not support mold or mildew growth.

Foundation and Crawlspace Services
Basement Finishing and Foundation Services

Create the Basement of Your Dreams with Seagate

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