After months of shopping for a new home, you are probably eager to get started setting up. Yet, there is still one more thing to do before you get started slapping up coats of new paint. Your roof protects everything inside of your new home, and noticing any of these eight warning signs means that it is time to make getting it repaired your first priority.


The Roof Is Old

Older homes have many charms, but you should be wary if yours is more than 20 years old and the roof has not been replaced. Over time, asphalt shingles wear out. If you notice other homeowners on your street replacing shingles, it likely means you need to do the same.


You Find Water Spots in the House

You knew you would have to do a little painting, but you never noticed the water stains until you got up close. Water marks on the ceiling or coming down the walls from the roof are a sign that a leak occurred at some point. Now, you must find out if it is current by having a professional check for potential entry points from your roof.


Sunlight Shines Into Your Attic

Attic spaces can range from dark and dreary to remodeled game rooms. However, you should never see sunlight peeking through spots in the ceiling. This is a sign that damage has gone deeper than just the shingles, and you may need to have the base materials replaced to get the holes fully repaired.


Old Damage Looks Worse After Rain

During your initial housing inspection, you noticed that the exterior had a few worn areas on the soffit and figured it was from a leak long ago. Then, it rained and got worse. Wet or soggy wood around the exterior of your home indicates that you have a breach in your roof somewhere. Often, the flashing has been damaged by branches or hail.


The Shingles Are Missing

Although some roofs have layers, any missing shingle presents an opportunity for moisture to seep into your home. Replacing a few missing shingles is simple and requires very little time compared to major restorations. Be proactive and fix this now so that you don’t deal with water damage in the future.


You See Curling Shingles

Asphalt shingles are designed to lie flat against your roof. When you see curling corners or buckling in the middle, it means that your shingles are wearing down from the weather. In some cases, this can indicate that leaks are already happening, so it’s best to find out what is happening beneath the visible layer of shingles.


Pests Have Invaded Your Home

Rodents and other pests love finding an easy entry point to homes through damaged roofs. When this happens, you will find evidence of a pest invasion in your attic or the interior walls. Repairing any damaged areas of your roof is your best line of defense against pests, and it is often necessary for a complete pest treatment plan.


Granules Are in Your Gutter

New roofs can sometimes shed excess granules, but an older roof should be past that point. The granules on worn out shingles may begin to wash or blow away. Typically, these show up in your gutter or along your driveway. Once the granules are gone, the shingles are less effective at keeping moisture out.

Getting your roof repaired might not be the most exciting part of being a new homeowner, but it is essential for protecting your investment. At Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services, we provide free estimates with 50-year warranties.


Contact us and knock this one off your to-do list today.