What Do Roofing Experts Offer For Maintenance And Inspections?

You’ve probably heard that for a roof replacement job, you need to choose an experienced and licensed contractor so that you end up with the best roofing job possible. After all, an expert is the best defense your roof has against flaws in weatherproofing. But if you’re just having your roof maintained or checked for leaks, do you need the same level of expertise?


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While a handyman may be able to perform some roof maintenance tasks such as sweeping debris off your roof and checking for loose nails, a more experienced contractor is often your best bet. Even though you’re not having your roof torn off and replaced, more knowledge and expertise can still be invaluable.

Here are a few ways that experienced roofing contractors can help you during roof maintenance and inspections.


Spot Poor-Quality Materials

After years on the job, an expert roofing contractor is going to be well-versed in pretty much anything that can go wrong with a roof. If you have inferior quality materials on your roof, an expert is more likely to spot them. If your roof has spots where poor workmanship is about to cause a leak, an expert is more likely to see the signs of incipient failure.

For instance, if the roofing nails used are electroplated, they could start to rust out after just a few years. An expert knows to look out for subtle signs of problems that you could have down the line, and can alert you to things like defective fasteners that could make your roof fail early.


Use the Right Supplies

Although you may think of professional roof maintenance more as a cleaning and checkup visit, it may involve things like replacing caulk and fasteners as well. For instance, a metal roof that uses exposed fasteners may need to have fasteners replaced when the washers start to wear out.

Sealants such as roofing tar and caulk can also start to deteriorate after months and years out in all weather. You want to hire a contractor who will replace the sealants with high-quality premium sealants that won’t fail quickly. In addition, your contractor needs to be well-versed in the needs of a metal roof, so they won’t use the wrong fasteners and cause corrosion.


Provide Accurate Estimates

Another thing you need to remember about professional maintenance and inspections is that sometimes a contractor will find roof damage during even a routine visit. If you have an expert roofing contractor who spends their days assessing and repairing roof damage, you can more easily get an accurate estimate of the amount of damage.

The cost of repairs depends on the extent of the damage, the time it will take to repair (labor cost), and the cost of the materials needed. An expert will know current material prices and can quickly assess how bad the damage is. He or she will also have recent experience with similar jobs, enabling a close estimate of how long the project will take.


Supply Niche Roofing Needs

A handyman who only dabbles in roof maintenance and repair is likely to be less experienced with and prepared for unique or niche roofing needs. For instance, if your home has a metal roof covering, it will need a specific type of care. Even just walking on a metal roof incorrectly could damage it.

As you can see, the roofing on your home still requires expert care even when you’re not calling for repairs or replacement. Make sure any contractor you hire is properly licensed and has experience working with your type of roof.


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